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An armored truck’s side door flew open while traveling on I-285 outside of Atlanta and covered the road the road in cash. Would you have pulled over? Police say approximately $100,000 spilled onto I-285 on Tuesday night and have asked for people who picked up the flying funds to return the money. So far two […]

She’s a sucker for a good deal. Crystal Frantzen, 28, was spotted performing oral sex on 58-year-old Gary Tipton in public “in exchange for a better deal” on a Cadillac she wanted to buy from him, according to a Sullivan County, Tenn. Sheriff’s report obtained by the Smoking Gun. Dispatchers received complaints of indecent exposure at a gas […]

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The Akron Police Department has joined forces with numerous entities to significantly crackdown on, and deter, violent crimes in the area. The…

MACEDONIA, OH (WOIO) – The cash-strapped Nordonia Hills School District is spending more money on legal fees. The superintendent is now taking the case of the fired bus driver to the Ohio Supreme Court. Bus driver Tina Haynal complaining in 2005 that she was targeted for dismissal by Nordonia Hills officials, specifically superintendent J. Wayne Blankenship. […]

No lucky pennies here: Paying a bill with the copper coin has led a man to be charged with disorderly conduct and a fine. His crime? Attempting to pay a disputed medical bill of $25 entirely in pennies. The story, reported in the Desert News, describes the “penny offense” this way: The 38-year-old did not […]

According to the New York Post, the ‘Born This Way’ singer sent the fans that lined up outside the show’s studio food and drink out of gratitude for their dedication. An NBC source said: “Some GaGa fans have been here since Thursday, and she sent everyone in line, around 25 people, boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts […]