Celebrity Hair

For black women, our hair is more than just strands atop our head that we style in a no-fuss, carefree manner. To us, our hair means so much more. It’s a deeply personal labor of love that shows the world who we are courtesy of every textured strand. Since the hair care marketplace is under-represented […]

If there's one Hollywood star we stan for when it comes to haircuts, it's Halle Berry.

The 2011 "Black Girls Rock!" Awards brought out the best in our favorite celebrity ladies - especially on the red carpet. Check out their hottest hairstyles!

On Broadway these days, Kerry Washington wears the same style nightly—rare for this quick-change artist. Here, she shares some of her own favorites. Steal her best tricks.

She was out in Los Angeles shooting more photos for the OP clothing line campaign, where she shares the spotlight with young stars from shows "90210," "Gossip Girl," and "Glee," and the film "Twilight."