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Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji shared that she is a 39 year old virgin! Yeah celibacy is a real thing cousins and for some people — that’s an easy decision to make! For others, needing to know what the other person is working with is a MUST! The argument against celibacy is commonly noted in […]

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Hey ya! So let’s throw it back to last October when Nick was talking about he needed to chill out and be celibate for a while. You remember that? You might recall how he had 4 kids in 2021 alone! His celibacy journey didn’t last long in fact Nick admitted that ended after the very […]

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin have been quite vocal about their decision to postpone sexual activity until after they exchanged vows. Now, the couple is ready to share with the world exactly how they were able to stay committed to such a difficult vow through their upcoming book, “The Wait.” “We’re writing a book called […]

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R&B singer Jill Scott talks about her new track “So Gone (What My Mind Says)” and explains what it means to be “Dickmotized.” c, but now she is on a journey to find true love. Watch the video below: Most Popular Articles IT’S FREE: Get A Free SmartPhone In One Click Get a FREE Smartphone! […]