Hey my girls! So we have all heard hair salon horror stories [and or different versions of] such as: your stylist cutting too much of your hair when you only wanted a trim! To the style you asked for wasn’t hardly what you got — to so many others. But what about when you get […]


Schools out but the fun doesn’t stop there this summer! Keep your kids occupied and busy with trips to their local Boys & Girls Clubs! Eight NEW Boys & Girls Clubs are expected to open up in neighborhoods near you! According to – – this is all part of the clubs strategic plan to […]

One of my favorite rapper bars comes from one of my least favorite rapper rappers: ‘The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th’ – Canibus Before we move on, Canibus is one of the greatest lyricists of all time. But his flow never matched his song construction, especially after his split from Wyclef […]

This year's celebration will salute Cleveland based DJs, artists, and influencers who have played a significant role in contributing to the Cleveland music scene.

Local fans can also win exclusive prizes, including tickets to NBA Crossover and additional All-Star 2022 events.

Kali rocked the Z stage at White Out 2021, behind the scenes she caught up with us for an exclusive interview!

Fury reportedly withdrew from the fight due to an infection and chest injury.

Z is teaming up with your chance to win BIG with the Hennessy Watch Party!

The holidays are upon us, and we're giving back in a major way.

Jeezy tore down the 2021 Z107.9 Summer Jam stage in grand fashion. Check out a gallery of pics from the all-star event.