Ok this one here had me a little upset at how shorty came for adult virgins! Yes, adults who in their adult age have not had any sex! The young lady said being an adult and being a virgin is embarrassing and dove even deeper into that person’s phycological being. Personally, I disagree! I think […]

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Cousins! We need your help with today’s dilemma in determining who is wrong! A young lady went to the salon to get her hair done, but is now BALD! She claims the stylist is at fault but the stylist says he confronted her numerous times about needing to wash her hair out, to which she […]


When’s the last time someone got you HOT! Like now you gotta get disrespectful…hot!? Because I bet before the disrespect comes, there was a warning! Like your face probably said it (like mine do) or maybe you say something before you know it’s about to happen? We asked our cousins in todays dilemma! Jump in […]


The other day we asked our cousins IF they had to choose one of the following artists to go (hypothetically of course) who would they choose? Well the 4 artists we pinned up against each other were Usher, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and R. Kelly! Now before you say what you might think is the obvious […]

Day Party Dilemma

Cousins!! Get into this dilemma and into your softer / emotional side! Yeah we’re talking about songs that make you cry! Fellas this dilemma doesn’t exclude you because we know the water works get to going with ya too lol! It’s a no judgement zone over here! So think about that gospel song or the […]

#DAYPARTYDILEMMA Ok ok let me paint this little picture real quick: You are in a relationship with “Michael” and he has a kid with someone else [Fellas imagine this same scenario if it was your girl]. Michael wants to take family photos with his child and the child’s mother. Ladies if you were in a […]

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Did you happen to catch Fetty Wap’s sex tape? Well a lot of people did and clearly he ain’t working with much in it because as of late in his comment section. . .It’s been going down like this: Lol. Damn Fetty!  Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!