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Mass shootings at a record number 153 this year after a recent attack just outside of Washington D.C. A gunman opened fire early Wednesday morning at a congressional baseball practice. The shooter wounded at least five people, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), a Republican staffer and a pair of Capitol Hill police officers. The gunman was reportedly killed during […]

 Unfortunately Republicans now have control over congress. So what does that mean for Black people? Well, Special K got the inside scoop on what they plan to…

Black History Month

You may not know Chaka Fattah but you should. Fattah has helped more than 25 million individuals through programs and initiatives he has created since…


When the Great Recession hit, food stamps were one of the ways the federal government tried to help struggling families keep their heads above water.…


Earlier this year, Carter couple Jay-Z and Beyonce made headlines yet again when they traveled to Cuba to celebrate their wedding anniversary amid the United States government supposedly restricting American travel to Cuba. Three months and one White House press conference Jay-Z shoutout later, Congress is now considering the approval of a bill that would prevent U.S. […]

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During one of the worst national recessions the government has decided to cut $12 billion from the Food Stamp fund, potentially effecting 41 million Americans.

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Ending a decade-long campaign led by African-American lawmakers, the House Wednesday approved and sent to President Barack Obama a measure to reduce the disparity in penalties between use of crack and powder cocaine.


From Even when Republican Tom Davis first won the Virginia congressional district centered on affluent Fairfax County during the GOP’s 1994 landslide, the area wasn’t a lily-white, Leave It to Beaver suburb.