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The most provocative and controversial music video program to ever air on BET is making it’s triumphant return to television. Back by popular demand, the…

eBay decided to ban the products from its website, ultimately removing any connections to getting the offensive products into people’s hands. Don’t count on finding one of those discontinued “Django Unchained” slave toys on eBay any time soon — TMZ has learned, the action figures have now been banned from the auction website. After the toy company […]

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*T.I. isn’t much known for articulating too much about politics, but in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of VIBE, the Atlanta based rapper challenged propagandized ideas about the U.S., Osama bin Laden reports, and even said the gay community complains too much. As the conversation focused on Muammar Gaddafi’s death, T.I. brought up the relationship between Arab […]

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Folks were going in on Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams after watching her trashy video “Spectacular.” Now Keily is speaking out and defending her “grown up” image she’s portraying in the video.