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It’s a known fact that sound waves travel differently underwater, bending and elongating as tides drift and pressure fluctuates, and it seems that award-winning Cleveland DJ Corey Grand is keen to imagine what kinds of sonic possibilities this phenomena might offer on his new single, “Water.” A down-tuned thumb piano riff sinks slowly through the […]

Tilla of The Kick Drums links up with DJ / Producer Corey Grand to create a new piece inspired by Corey’s Miranda Moon track from his Bathed In Light EP. Shot / Edited by Tilla Purchase Bathed In Light:

Cleveland native Twizz releases a new gem today featuring Corey Grand from his upcoming EP, Golden. Stream / Download below. Like us on Facebook!

Today, we’ve got the full premiere on Grand’s new EP, Bathed In Light. The 30-minute release includes “No One Loves A Paradox” alongside seven other tracks sure to have you scratching your head. It’s a release that at the very least presents interesting philosophical questions as to what constitutes sound and music and where those […]

“Paradox (noun): A statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. “No One Loves A Paradox” is a window into the soundscapes and themes underlying the “Bathed In Light” EP. The track features psychedelic soul artist Marcus Alan Ward to aid along in the journey.”


Vanice Alexander started this series of film profiles to highlight the creatives in Cleveland that are pushing the culture. For the first video, he spent a day with one of our own, DJ Corey Grand.

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Corey Grand is very consistent in releasing thought-provoking, melodic masterpieces, and "Alchemy" has officially been added to that list.


Congrats are in order for our own DJ Corey Grand for being featured in Scene Magazine!

New Music

DJ Corey Grand is a turntable assassin, producer, and a visionary. If we dreamt like this, we would never want to wake up! Check out "Lucid Dream + Cold Wax" inside.


Some people make beats, others make music. DJ Corey Grand makes musical masterpieces.