Don Cheadle is the obvious pick for the Captain Planet movie. “Don’t forget to recycle……or I’ll turn you into a f*%#% tree!” Don Cheadle is Captain Planet from Don Cheadle


The National Guard tried to drive their tanks through the aftermath of Hurricane Irene…but it didn’t work out so well…LOL!

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Shaq tries to hit on Betty White, and she set him straight! Check out this hilarious video below: Source [ione-gallery id=”211541″ src=””%5D

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The Most Gangsta Lunchables Commercial Ever: Banned 90’s Lunchable Commercial! “We Gone Make That A** Clap With This Healthy Snack” Most Popular Articles NICKI MINAJ HAS A NIP SLIP! [PHOTOS] Congressional Black Caucus Announces Almost 100 Employers Job Initiative Starts In Cleveland WTF! Lil Kim Caught Wearing No Panties On the Stage [PHOTO] Miguel Reveals […]

The debate over Common’s appearance at the White House last week continues, as popular Hip-Hop critic/news personality Bill O’Reilly has challenged comedian Jon Stewart to a debate over the controversial issue. Jon Stewart criticized and lampooned Fox News in a rap on his show on Thursday (May 11th), after Common’s appearance at the White House […]