Social media simply has no chill. But here are some things you should know about the designer.

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In the spirit of being one’s own boss and dominating every possible inch of multi-media space available, Damon Dash and Kanye West are parlaying their…

Ava Dash is not having it when it comes to her father Damon Dash trashing her mother Rachel Roy so blatantly on social media. MUST READ: Men…

Damon Dash no longer has to worry about taking care of his girls with Rachel Roy because he just lost custody of them. Dame has…

Damon Dash, who is currently a hilarious hashtag meme on Twitter, is interested in being a boss behind online streetwear retailer Karmaloop. FADER is reporting that Dame and his good friend, Kanye West, are among several people looking to buy the bankrupted Karmaloop. Read The Full Article Here:

Damon Dash is going in on the media for what he calls its racist ways! The Roc-a-Fella founder hasn’t been too happy with the coverage about his finances. And he expressed just that while on trial for a lawsuit against him from his ex Linda Williams. Dash and Williams have a son Damon Dash II, and she’s suing him for $1 […]


Last night, Jay Z and Damon Dash were spotted kicking it at the birthday party for Hova’s longtime business associate Chaka Pilgrim. The fall out between the former best friends and R0c-A-Fella Records founders has been long discussed but no traces of animosity can be spotted in the flicks from the evening that made it […]

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Damon Dash, who made millions with Jay-Z as co-partners of Rock-A-Fella Records and Rocawear clothing line, is now millions in debt and facing eviction, the…

Combat Jack did an amazing job of walking that tight rope with this interview. He didn’t jump right in and make Dash feel uncomfortable, he was slow and steady and there was a definite build up with the questions. Many people have waited just about forever to hear Dame Dash discuss a lot of the information covered.Rookies in […]

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Combat Jack did an amazing job of walking that tight rope with this interview. He didn’t jump right in and make Dash feel uncomfortable, he…

Although Dame Dash is still mum on whether or not he and Jay-Z still speak, he gave a very telling interview to our girl, Sharon Carpenter, over at Global Grind, that revealed he and Jay-Z still have a lot of personal issues to resolve. So many issues that Dame suggests that only TV help guru Dr. […]

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Azealia Banks talks being brushed off at auditions from her own Harlem brethren Damon Dash and Juelz Santana.