The first thing that comes to our minds is the word…ewww! TMZ is reporting that the daughter’s of Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy used the…

They get it from their mama…   If Eddie Murphy thought he already had problems keeping those boys at bay away from his daughters Bria and Shayne, these latest modeling pics are going to pose a whole new problem. The girls, who he shares with ex-wife Nicole, gave their best beauty bedroom backshots for Los Angeles photographer iamEpic last […]

In 2012 Nas released a song from his new album, “Daughters”[listen here] which addressed his daughter Destiny’s antics on Twitter. Some music fans joked that this…


Nas’ new album Life is Good is shaping up to be very personal, with his single/video “Daughters” about his own first-born, and even the album cover, where he’s dressed in a suit and holding Kelis’ green wedding dress, the only thing she left behind when she moved out. So how does Kelis feel about Nas opening up so much about their short-lived marriage?


Nas’ video for the song “Daughters” is finally out! As soon as you think messages from music are long forgotten, Nas comes out with a song for all fathers with daughters.

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This post brought to you by NAS DROPS ‘DAUGHTERS’ + MOTHER’S RESPONSE Nas is a concerned father who became alarmed when his teenage daughter Destiny photographed some questionable items and posted them to her Twitter account. In response to such activity, he wrote a song called “Daughters” which highlights his shortfalls as a dad. […]


Destiny Jones hinted that her relationship with rapper dad Nas is back on the mend following mom Carmen Bryan‘s ire after hearing his new track “Daughters,” which makes mention of the time that the 17-year-old posted a photo of condoms on her Instagram account. “I’m a mother first, and if Destiny is upset about something […]


White Couple Adopted 2 Black Daughters, Then Beat’em To Death all in the name of god?!