#daypartydilemma The comment section went in on this young ladies take on women with natural bodies! Did you see it?

Today's Day Party Dilemma comes from a young lady who feels men trap women with babies more than women trap men! Do you agree?

Push Gifts? Are you requiring one from your boo after you push out your bundle of joy?

Tomi & Charlamagne go head to head. . .and this debate you gotta watch!

Via Complex …The debate is still raging on thanks to a tweet that Brandon Jennings sent out late last night. The Pistons guard decided to put together a list of his top 10 NBA players of all time and that list looked like this:   Get more on this post – HERE. Follow RoDigga @RoDigga on Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook […]

The presidential debate is tonight will have Barack Obama and Mitt Romney interacting with their audience as the pair of candidates respond to questions from about 80 uncommitted voters. Obama and Romney faced off against one another just two weeks ago. The president delivered an underwhelming performance at the event, and his Republican challenger subsequently […]

Monica and Brandy believe in breastfeeding, but their differing opinions in methods lead to a mini-breastfeeding debate. Is it acceptable to breastfeed in public, or…

Barring a last minute stay of execution by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles in a last-ditch hearing scheduled for September 19, accused Savannah, Ga. cop-killer Troy Anthony Davis will be executed. If the execution goes forth, two compelling questions can never be answered. One is: did Georgia execute an innocent man? The second […]

Millions all over the world are mourning the untimely death of Amy Winehouse but ask yourself this…  If Amy was a black R&B soul singer, would she garner this much sympathy?  Does she have a certain level of respect just by being a white artist?  

Did you watch the debate between candidates for Governor of New York? Did you see the man with, uh, unique facial hair? Who wore gloves the whole time? That’s Jimmy McMillan, candidate for the Rent Is 2 Damn High Party.