Rapper Mos Def is pulling a Diddy…he’s changing his name at the beginning of the year! Mos (previous government name Dante Terrell Smith) explained that he’ll be dropping his name in exchange for the name “Yasiin,” which is apparently his real first name. “I’m retiring the Mos Def name after 2011. I’m actually doing it. […]

One of the hip-hop troupe’s members, Frank Ocean, is finally making some headway with his label Def Jam, after a tumultuous release of his debut “Nostalgia, Ultra.” After the major  slept on the set, Odd Future’s sole singer decided to release it on his own, via Tumblr, in February this year. Now, the record company […]

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Reports have been swirling today that Island Def Jam CEO, Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid, had been fired from his post by the heads of the Universal Music Group. However, XXL magazine has received word from an official representative of the label who confirms that the rumours “are completely untrue and without merit”. Reid, who became the […]

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It’s confirmed that Nine Yr Old Willow Smith is signed to Roc Nation/Columbia Records And here’s what her famous parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith had to say: “After meeting with several record companies, it was clear that JAY-Z, Ty Ty, Jay Brown and the Roc Nation staff was the unquestionable choice. Their passion for Willow […]