Delta Airlines

If you don’t mind flying and want to see the world Delta may have the perfect opportunity for you.  They just announced that they are hiring 1,000 new flight attendants. via Shaderoom As reported by @wsbtv, Delta Airlines is doing their part to get people to work, as the airline recently announced that they are looking […]

Migos just got thrown off a Delta flight … the question, were they thrown off because they were out of control or because they’re black? The incident went down Friday on a flight scheduled from Atlanta to Des Moines. You see a Delta rep in the video explain the captain made the decision to boot Takeoff, but Quavo, Offset and […]

How does this happen?! A passenger is suing Delta Airlines because a stray needle (that was used for who knows what) stuck a passenger. Delta Airlines missed a needle that was left in a seat pocket, and an unsuspecting guest got stuck by it — leading to a year of HIV testing … according to a […]

Seriously, you can’t make this up.   Another day, another ridiculous incident on a Delta flight, however this one involves the use of physical force. In a case of “you have to see it, to believe it” a woman aboard a Delta airlines flight in Detroit, Michigan had to be physically dragged from the plane […]

The fellas from hip hop group Travis Porter documenting their everyday life including getting kicked off an airplane.

Delta Airlines provided travelers on a recent flight to Los Angeles International Airport to some in-flight entertainment courtesy of B.O.B. The Grammy nominee performed his hit single “Airplanes” during the flight.