The first rule in sports is that you keep going until the whistle blows. Well JR Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers apparently forgot about that rule. In the Cavs loss to Milwaukee, J.R. Smith, during the game decided to walk off court and show some love to Milwaukee Buck Jason Terry. The hug moment left […]


The between legs dunk has become the norm in dunk contests since guard Isaiah Rider did it 20 year ago in the NBA Dunk contest.…

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This just confirms that there needs to be a celebrity edition of the Slam Dunk contest.  Even though I don’t think they will ever put…


In this abbreviated, injury-riddled NBA season there have been few true displays of pure athleticism. Now they seem to be coming in bunches like MTA buses in NYC.


Jeff Green thought he was finishing off a nice alley-oop, but the ball bounced off his own head and up through the rim before it passed through the net, therefore not counting.