This has nothing to do with that whole promoter incident. . .but stems from a “fight” that allegedly involved Jonathan Lyndale Kirk [AKA Da Baby] one of his friends and a food stand employee. This happened last month at the Dallas Forth Worth airport. Video was provided in court showing there wasn’t any assault committed […]


Ok. . .could you imagine the pure panic and distress that went thru Donald when this happened??? Makes me laugh just thinking about it! Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 


The Alabama Health Department says customers of McDonald’s at 2000 McFarland Blvd in Northport, near the Tuscaloosa area, may have been exposed to hepatitis A through an infected employee. The employee worked March 14 and 16. Health officials ask anyone who visited the restaurant on those days to seek medical attention as soon as possible. […]

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Just when his legal problems seemed to be behind him, R. Kelly has just been slapped with another lawsuit. Former employee Anthony Navarro has filed suit against the Pied Piper, born Robert Kelly, and his production company Bass Productions, Ltd., stating that those employed on his 2007 tour were not properly compensated for their overtime hours. […]