Take a look at Big Sean’s schedule for March and try to pronounce some of these cities. Salute to him, young and getting it! 1             Vooruit                        Gent, Belgium 2             Melkweg                     Amsterdam, Holland 3             Live Music Hall          Cologne, Germany 4             Huxleys                       Berlin, Germany 6             Grunspan                    Hamburg, Germany 7              Pumpehuset                Copenhagen, Denmark 8             Babel                           Malmo, Sweden […]

The Dream was in Europe in support of his friend Rihanna and discusses writing, Justin Bieber and Christina Milian.


A 12-year-old Dutch girl gave birth while on a school trip, sparking a police search Wednesday for the father of the child. The girl, from Groningen, 114 miles northeast of Amsterdam, complained of stomach pains March 22, during a day out with classmates. Teachers realized the girl was in labor and called an ambulance. Medics […]

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Police are investigating Father Valentin for accidential homicide after witnesses at the ceremony said the priest did not cover the baby's mouth during the ritual, The Sun newspaper reports.