Foot Locker is getting into the spirit of the holidays with its new “Week of Greatness” themed ads that see famous athletes poking fun at their scandals. The ads are based around “things that make you feel all’s right with the world,” which Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving dreams about while courtside with his buddies in the […]

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Evander Holyfield should probably sign up for Uber STAT ... the cash-strapped boxing legend's about to have his driver's license suspended after blowing off more than $300k in child support payments.


Evander Holyfield better start making grills or something…he owes $500K in child support, and the court is NOT playing with him anymore.

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Former Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield has more than ten kids… If you have more than ten kids, it’s reasonable to miss a child support payment, or two, or three, right? Evander has missed too many payments and now he’s facing jail time!!!

Guess who have come together to be partners in a new venture intended to bridge the world of boxing and entertainment. It’s R&B singer Ray J. who has partnered with boxing champion Evander Holyfield. According to sources with knowledge of the matter, Holyfield, Ray J. and Sydney McDonald of Everi Exposure Entertainment have plans to […]

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Evander Holyfield’s wife, Candi Calvana Smith, is seeking a temporary protective order against the boxer after accusing him of hitting her in the face, according to RadarOnline. Candi Calvana Smith — Holyfield’s third wife — called the police after the couple got into a fight at their home in Georgia last week. She claimed that […]


Eviction must be getting the heavyweight boxer down from the look of these photos. Mr. Holyfield was spotted looking a little rough around the edges.