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If you know. . .you know in this situation and trust that most men KNOW! Cause Bernice has definitely been someone’s WCW. Today she celebrates her 39th birthday! So in honor of her special day. . .Here’s a little gift to you [wink wink]! Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!   

So I’m known for being a little wild [lol] but in this case, you will thank me ladies! I just happened to be on Bossip and stumbled upon a couple of pictures of OKC [and Keri Hilson’s boo thang] baller Serge Ibaka. The first picture is a given but the 2nd one…someone please tell me […]

Looks like Drake has been preparing for this moment with Chris Brown for some time now. Check out these photos of Drake in the Gym… Poppin’ Bottles: Drake Bashes Chris Brown Up Side The Head w/ A Bottle, At NYC Club! [PHOTOS] Does Chris Brown Deserve A Beat Down? [POLL] Photos courtesy of: SOURCE Be […]

Aside from great football, fans tune in to the Super Bowl to see all the great commercials. With a lack-luster start to what people call the “ad bowl,” David Beckham stole the show with 30 seconds of man-filled delight!

This week’s featured tall, dark, and handsome model is twenty-three year old, Ben Azinge. Ben was born in Brooklyn to two Nigerian parents. He was raised in Brooklyn and the Dominican Republic while his parents attended school in the Caribbean. He is currently back in Brooklyn.

So last night, we had the Battle of the Booties” Coco VS Nicki Minaj! (Nicki won) Well ladies this one is for us! Which one of these 2 FootBALL players has the better body? Saints – Reggie Bush VS Bengals- Terrell Owens Just in case you need some more help with your decision; here’s some […]

It’s Spring Break and Lance Gross decided to give the college girls what they want…HIM!

Ladies, the gods have smiled upon us! Centric‘s new hit series “Model City” is beautiful men and fabulous industry drama all rolled into one sexy package.