Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap was arrested yesterday (Monday August 8) for waving a gun and threatening to kill a man during a Facetime video call. The New Jersey rapper was out on bond from a drug trafficking conspiracy charge. His $500,000 bond has been revoked. One of the conditions of his release was that he “must not […]

Crazy sh*t went down the other day when Alexis Skyy and her friend were allegedly robbed. . .at GUN POINT. . .at a local gas station in Atlanta! After it was all said and done. . .the two women were not hurt but I heard the Maserati truck that the reality star was driving has […]

Fetty Wap is in more trouble following a fight between hotel workers in Las Vegas over the holiday weekend. via TheYBF The NJ native was reportedly arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly getting into a fight with a valet at The Mirage Hotel & Casino on Sunday night (Sept. 1). Damn. He supposedly hit at […]

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        It looks like Fetty Wap had two women pregnant at the same time because his daughter with Alexis Skyy was born 3 months early and he just confirmed he has another one on the way. Via: THEYBF The 27-year-old rapper said he’s currently awaiting the arrival of his 7th child, a son, […]

Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap have welcomed their daughter Alayia 3 months early but thankfully she is said to be in stable condition. Alexis Skyy gave birth to Alayia, who has been placed in an incubator after reportedly weighing a little over 1 pound at birth. Alayia is stable according to The Shade Room. We’re told Fetty was […]

Fetty Wap was just arrested for drunk driving after cops saw him racing another driver at breakneck speed. Fetty was driving on a highway in New York City just after 1 AM Friday when cops saw him drag racing. They say he was going north of 100 miles per hour in a 50 MPH zone as […]

This is a mess.  Over the weekend Fetty Wap got robbed and was involved in  a shootout that left 3 people wounded. Fetty Wap got robbed early Sunday in his hometown, and it sparked a shootout which sent 3 people to the hospital. Sources close to the situation tell us Fetty had a chain and […]

Did you happen to catch Fetty Wap’s sex tape? Well a lot of people did and clearly he ain’t working with much in it because as of late in his comment section. . .It’s been going down like this: Lol. Damn Fetty!  Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

  The truce between Fetty Wap and his baby’s mother Masika Kalysha is clearly over. The two miraculously had come to good terms late last year after months of accusations and demands for a paternity test following Masika’s announcement that she was pregnant with Fetty’s child. Now, though the rapper and his ex seem to be back to […]

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