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Funny how Kimberly Guilfoyle had nothing to say when conservatives such as Ted Nugent hurled racial epitaphs and death threats at former President Obama and his family.


Actress and Fox News pundit Stacey Dash has a new ally for her controversial comments about the Oscars' lingering diversity problem -- Donald Trump.

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Azealia Banks  has found a new person to beef with these days. The Harlem rapper winded up in the cross hairs of Fox News pundit…

With the attacks in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, safety precautions are a concern due to the fact that three men in hoods…

Black Twitter rejoice! According to E! News, “Clueless” star Stacey Dash is reportedly in talks to become a regular Fox News contributor. The 47-year-old Dash…

Fox News is tapping Stacey Dash to join their team as a regular contributor and we actually think it’s a good move for the conservative…


On Fox News’ Fox & Friends First Tuesday, anchor Heather Childers congratulated the national champion Connecticut Huskies for their win over Kentucky in North Texas. Instead of labeling UConn the NCAA champions, though, Childers accidentally called the Huskies the 2014 “NAACP” national champs. She quickly corrected herself on air after a short highlight. As her […]

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Fox News’ Bob Beckel goes in on Zimmerman! He even went on to say that though he is guilty, Zimmerman will not be convicted. Read more of what he had to say. Fox’s The Five opened tonight taking on the latest from the George Zimmerman murder trial. Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Andrea Tantaros agreed […]

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There are so many things wrong with the picture I’m about to paint for you. One, a mother thought it was cute to have little girls under the age of 2 fight for entertainment. Two, she recorded it with a cell phone so she could relive the moment I assume; and three, she posted it on Facebook […]


Geraldo Rivera said Trayvon Martin's 'hoodie is to blame' for his death? Stereotypes are alive and well!

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  Shortly after Fiddy came to his defense, Breezy replies, ‘Don’t worry bro.. They mad because of the level of real people who live in this world.’ 50 Cent has come to Chris Brown’s defense after FOX News criticized NBC for hiring Breezy on “Today” show. The G-Unit rapper was disgusted by the network for […]