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Keyshia Cole's mom Frankie got slammed by a hotel....sign. And is suing for damages.

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Keyshia Cole’s mom, Frankie Lons, wants you to know that she is the one and only Frankie, and please don’t confuse her with Nancy Jones, the mother of Jim Jones. When it comes to reality TV moms, Frankie says she’s the originator! In a recent interview, Frankie said: “We can do celebrity moms on the […]


So, after the trailer hit the net back in September, she went ahead with a hi-def full out version of the vid.  The “Frankie Leg” consists of dipping, turning, stepping, and Holla’ing.  Triple sigh. Her daughter Keyshia Cole tweeted yesterday she’s not angry about the video at all.  So get ya hustle on Ms. Frankie.  But if […]

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Keyshia Cole‘s mother, Frankie Lons, made headlines earlier this week when she was arrested.  Initial reports said that Lons was arrested for failing a drug test, but her publicist says that’s not the case at all.

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Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole‘s mother, was reportedly arrested after testing positive for drugs during a routine drug test at the office of her parole officer.


Rumors have been going around for awhile that Keyshia has cut off her biological mother Frankie and sisters Neffe and Elite.