According to Giant Life there are all kinds of women in the world. Snobby, nerdy, bougie – you name it. However, the ghetto girl, is a special kind of woman. From their feisty nature to everything else that comes with them. Take a look at the list based off Giant Life’s list of ghetto girl […]

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Just when you thought there weren’t enough insulting sites in the world, there’s a new one! was designed to help you avoid the “ghetto”…

As I look up the word “ghetto” in the dictionary, I find an array of meanings. For instance, according to Merriam-Webster, a ghetto is: a quarter of a city in which Jews were formerly required to live. a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, […]

New Song "Ghetto" The Dream Ft. Big Sean!

Terius Nash aka The-Dream goes back to his Atlanta hood in the video for “Ghetto,” his collaboration with Big Sean off his free album 1977. The chopped and screwed vocal driven cut finds Dream ridin a bmx bike through the streets, posing in front of his Ferrari 458 in a parking lot, and gettin up […]

The Dream drops a new music video called Ghetto featuring Big Sean. This is off a free project called "1977" Check it out inside!

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This right here is a damn shame! Where or wait…WHY did the secuirty pretty much let this go down! I guess I would too if I saw somebody’s grand-daddy butchin with a Cane, or your auntie knockin chicks over the head with Coffee Pots! And whose grand-mama shouted “I’ma beat her mutha…. you know what!!” […]

Just when you didn’t think you it could get any worse. You see bad parenting at it’s finest!!! So glad this isn’t my momma! 2-Hoodrats On Bus Leave Kids In Back So They Can Jump 1-Female! Most Popular WTF: The Worst Tattoos & Piercing In The World [PHOTOS] He Is CRAZY!! WTF: Gucci Mane Gets […]