Well it looks like Keyshia Cole is now a married woman. Her fiance’, Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, tweeted last night about taking a helicopter ride, being on Cloud 9, and officially becoming Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. Pics and tweets when you read on… Daniel blasted on a twitter his feelings for his new wife, […]

Let’s hope you’re weren’t waiting for a big announcement that Keyshia Cole married NBA boyfriend Danile Gibson…it’s not coming!!!

By now, most of us have heard portions of the Melle Mel Gibson mix tape. It's straight lunacy. But you have to admit his freestyle skills are a gift. Hopefully, Mel sent Satan a thank you card. After all, in order to separate yourself from the person you love in such a scornful way, one must first separate himself from his soul. It's a prerequisite to going ape sh*t.


Who is this chick that has Daniel Gibson's name tatted on her arm... well it's not Keyshia Cole and it ain't Pookie and dem... So who and what the hayell was she thinkin'.