New Music

A few weeks ago we reported [see article] that North Carolina hip hop punk rocker, Caktuz, took a page from ‘the book of Kanye’ by starting an artist-approved-weekly-free download campaign called #OverTheWallWeds. on Feb 2nd. The 1st track, “The Blood” ft. M1 of Dead Prez, the legendary Melvin Van Peebles, & an obscure sample from […]


And you thought Roland was pissed at Rush Limbaugh before?! He’s got a whole new reason to rant after Limbaugh and 700 Club’s Pat Robertson made some crazy statements regarding the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.


Many of you think we just pull these stories out of thin air. But the amazing thing about America, the American public and the pundits who inform their views is that sometimes you don’t even have to TRY.


On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck was discussing the census and the term “negro” which appeared on it.