Gloria James

We all know LeBron James has nothing but love for his mother, Gloria Carter. This also applies to her boyfriend, a struggle rapper named Da Real Lambo.  Reports TMZ: LeBron James is 29. The guy dating his mother is 32 … and apparently, the NBA star is totally cool with it.  In fact, LeBron posed […]

Gloria James, the mother of NBA Superstar Lebron James, never ever disappoints and this is no exception! is reporting that Lebron’s mom is currently…

We all know about putting cheese in your eggs but Ciroc! NBA star Delonte West posted a pic of him adding Ciroc to his eggs. Diddy would be proud!

WE all know about the rumors that LeBron James' mom, Gloria James, had sex with her son's (now former) teammate Delonte West. The bizarre story claimed to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers' poor play and unexpected collapse in the Eastern Conference Semifinals

I almost forgot about this story. A trial date has been set for the mother of LeBron James, who faces battery and disorderly intoxication charges related to an alleged argument with a valet at a South Beach hotel. Gloria James will head to trial on August 8 for the alleged altercation outside the Fontainebleau hotel […]

The attorney for the parking valet that was assaulted by Lebron‘s mom Gloria claims that James called the valet a “f*cking n*gger.” The parking valet, Rockefeller Sorel, filed a lawsuit against James earlier today.

And here comes the video footage. After Gloria James, LeBron’s mama, was arrested last week for slapping a Miami hotel valet named Rockfeller Sorel, the surveillance video outside Fontainebleau Hotel has just hit the net showing what really went down.

Security camera footage showing Lebron James‘ mother, Gloria James assaulting a parking valet outside the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami on April 7th has surfaced. The video shows that James may not have struck first!

LeBron James’ mother Gloria was arrested in Miami on April 7th for allegedly assaulting a valet at the Fontainebleu Hotel. She was later released on bail. During a Miami Heat shootaround LeBron responded to questions from reporters about the incident. “She’s fine, you have to move forward,” James said visibly uncomfortable. “You try no to […]

Lebron James’ mom, Gloria, was arrested in Miami early this morning after allegedly assaulting a parking valet at the Fontainebleu Hotel. Jones had been partying at LIV nightclub and got into an altercation with the valet when trying to leave the hotel.

Listen and watch closely … Parental Advisory: Language