The mayor of Miami-Dade County has apologized to an 82-year-old woman who was kicked off a Metrorail train for singing. Emma Anderson was singing religious hymns on the train when she ignored a warning from a security guard to quiet down. A cell phone video taken by a fellow passenger shows the guard physically removing […]


Apparently folks are doing more than just shopping in Walmart. An employee caught this ghetto granny twerkin near the check out counter…gotta admit, she got moves! What do you think…she don’t look like a granny to me lol Now this is a old lady twerking LMFAO


The family of a 77-year-old woman dragged from her car during a traffic stop by police in Texas says a formal apology and anger-management training for the officer is needed to make things right. Lynn Bedford’s videotaped arrest has gone viral, sparking opinions across the country. The video shows Sgt. Gene Geheb pulling Bedford, of […]

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A 73-year-old woman has been found in Louisiana after being charged with stealing and gambling away $97,000 from a trust fund for her grandson's college education, authorities said, but she may never return to Indiana for prosecution.

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Apparently, Rihanna is not the only one celebrating her special day but someone's Grandmomz had to get a little "Cake" in their too ;) CTFU

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Plies Brings An Old Lady On Stage At Club In Fort Lauderdale For Christmas Eve Plies has been MIA, so whats he been up to? well check it out…… (courtesy of

When asked, “What would you like for your birthday”, the 100 year old birthday girl said I want a stripper! via; Recent News Beyonce Visits Australia For Exclusive Interview [VIDEO] Beyonce Accused Of Copying (Again!) In “Countdown”! Proof Here! [VIDEO] Baby Mama Drama!!!!!!!SMH Woman Pours Bleach on Baby Daddy’s Girlfriend Ne-Yo Pays Tribute At […]


An 81 year old crack dealing granny was arrested for the second time at her Mobile, Alabama home. SMH!!!

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A 71-year-old great-grandmother thwarted a would-be robber at a Vermilion convenience store over the weekend. Sandy Frye has worked at the Marathon Quick Mart on Liberty Avenue store for 20 years and has earned the nickname Gramma Tyson because of her feisty attitude. “I was not scared. I wasn’t shaking,” said Frye of the would-be robbery attempt. […]