Ok so this challenge has been legit SLAYED by so many women who my lawd. . .can switch their hair up like it’s nothing! And Blac Chyna is the one of the latest celebs to put her stamp on the DMX Challenge “What These B!tches Want” . . . Did she kill it ya??? Catch […]

I mean. . .is this news new to some one? Of course we LOVE some facial hair and this study pretty much sums that up! Via 6 ABC: It’s “No Shave November” and guys, you may want to consider sporting facial hair year round. A new study suggests a majority of women find it attractive. […]

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Hi Curly Girls! So it’s no secret that most natural curly haired women deal with both laying them edges and dealing with shrinkage! Me personally. . .I don’t like the laid edges look on ME. That shrinkage tho! I don’t like shrinkage. It is pretty dope to see a natural curly girl with what looks […]

Curly girls know we will use more than a HAIR brush to get a style all the way together ok! So obviously there is nothing wrong with utilizing our TOOTH brush to get it done right?! So I follow @chelliscurls and here’s how she used her toothbrush: If you guys have any cool unique […]

Hey Curly Girls! How many of you [like myself] use diffusers when drying your hair? Let me tell you. . .there’s a BIG difference in how my curls lay when I let my hair air dry versus using a diffuser. The volume you get. . .Yes Lawd! Lol So what makes using a diffuser while […]

Hey Curly Girls! Ladies ask me all of the time. . .what do I use in my hair??? Put it like this. . .I have a closet JUST for my hair products LOL and it’s really out of control! However here’s my two favorite products: A. Bounce Curl — Follow @Bouncecurl on IG or online […]

What up Curly Girls :) So I’ve been learning how to maintain my hair since I could physically do my own hair! I’ve finally found what works for my curls in products but most importantly. . .in my hair routine! If you’re a Curly Girl like me then you probably have a specific hair routine for […]

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