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If there's one Hollywood star we stan for when it comes to haircuts, it's Halle Berry.

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Source: MailOnline Now, its only been a week and she is already changing up her hairstyle…AGAIN! I wonder how the women who followed suit [cutting their hair short] feel now…Hmmm! Oh well, here’s what Beyonce is rockin’ now! Feeling it? ! It didn’t take long for Beyonce to get tired of her latest drastic style […]

It’s been said, the only thing constant is change.  Many artists showcase their  growth and progression by trying new sounds in music. Rihanna, like most female celebrities, embraces change by experimenting with her look and style. Taking a cue from the ladies, the men have started upgrading their swag. When Jay-Z spit, “Used to rock […]

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Ray J sure knows how to keep us talking! Take a look at his new haircut, which has us scratching our heads. See Ray J’s new look from more angles at, and let us know if you’re feelin’ it or not in the comments section at the bottom of this page. RELATED POSTS: Ray J […]

As you may know, Miguel and Lloyd had a little beef lately. To sum it all up, Miguel peeped Lloyd’s new haircut and got a little lippy on Twitter claiming that Lloyd had copied him.  Although their haircuts do look ridiculously similar, I think it was a safe move for Lloyd, it looks good on […]

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But she didn't jump on the shaved-head bandwagon like the rest of these celebrities. She did it her own way, partially lopping off one side of her hair, as a tribute to her cousin, who passed away last week.