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News broke this week regarding Halle Berry paying her ex husband $8K a month in child support! Well Safaree felt some kind of way behind a man getting child support — to which I’m confused because when was child support just for women? Child support benefits the CHILD and in my opinion shouldn’t matter who’s […]

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Halle Berry…Halle Berry!! 57 years aging backwards!! So how is life in the 50’s? Especially as an actress trying to keep up with Hollywood and everyone else’s expectations? Halle says: “I’m challenging all those stereotypes about how you have to look a certain way or feel a certain way,” she continued. “I’m my best self […]

Whoever said mother’s aren’t sexy or still got it. . .must be livin under rocks because these leading mothers are the epitome! Tell me where the lie is *insert shrug emoji* Here’s some reminders in case you forgot! Be sure to catch one of our own mama’s [Ro Digga] inside The Day Part weekdays beginning […]


Halle Berry debuted a natural hairstyle at the 2017 Oscars. We're showing you styles the beauty should try!

Halle Berry certainly made headlines with her curly fro that social media side-eyed as a possible wig, but the actress told that it was, in fact, her “natural hair.” The magazine caught up with the 2002 Oscar winner and her stylist of 15 years, Lindsay Flores, to discuss her entire look last night, beginning […]

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The 89th Academy Awards set the Internet on fire last night.

In honor of Black History Month in 2015, The Urban Daily will highlight amazing moments in Black American sports and entertainment history. Each week, we’ll…

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Check out stunning style from the Golden Globe Awards over the years.

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Turning 50 is a momentous occasion for anyone, especially if you are like Halle Berry and still manage to look at least 20 years younger. The beautiful actress is celebrating her milestone birthday in a way that her fans can also appreciate. After being the spokesperson for high-profile brands such as Revlon, Berry has decided […]