Jeezy explains what kind of anthem he would write for Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency. He also explains why he thinks its crucial for people to vote, especially if you don’t think Donald Trump should win. He talks about raising his son, and teaching him to work hard and build a business of […]

Racism Reported At Michigan State Students at Michigan State University were recently greeted by a racist sign that read “No N*ggers Please” posted on their campus. The sign is just one of many acts of racism that’s taken place this year at the State school and was addressed Tuesday at a town hall meeting. “The […]

This is the definition of ignorance! Two men compete to see which one can throw a crackhead the farthest…What has this world come to?

Why in the world are people constantly getting violent over Facebook??? An Indiana woman last night allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife after he would not allow her to view his Facebook page, according to cops. Maurice Davenport, 22, told police that he “had gotten into a verbal altercation over a Facebook page” […]