A 28-year-old man was stabbed to death at a Maryland Popeyes. “This individual was in line, a line specifically for the sale of the sandwich, when another customer and he got into an altercation,” a spokeswoman said. “That ended with the victim being stabbed outside of the business.” Police in Maryland are looking for the suspect […]

Here are your New Shows/Movies on Netflix “the Bold” shows/movies have a in depth look Below: October 1st Carmen San Diego (Season 2) October 4th Big Mouth (Season 4) Peaky Blinders (Season 5) Raising Dion (Season 1) In The Tall Grass Rotten (Season 2) Super Monsters (Season 3) October 9th Rhythm + Flow (Season 1) Weekly […]

California health officials issued a warning to stop vaping immediately until the cause of the recent cases of severe lung illnesses related to e-cigarette use are understood. Via LAtimes The CEO of Juul, Kevin Burns, is stepping down as the company announces it is putting a stoppage to all vaping ads in the United States. […]

Via Bleach Report The free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown went off on twitter about the Patriots and NFL owners Sunday over frustrations about his guaranteed money being taken away in Oakland and New England. The team played Brown in last Sunday’s win over the Miami Dolphins, but additional allegations of misconduct and the publication of those texts […]

Last year, Antonio Brown boasted he had a “huge Nike deal.” In February, the company came out with an Antonio Brown trainer. Today, a Nike spokesman says “Antonio Brown is not a Nike athlete.” he news comes after Brown was accused of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit filed by former trainer Britney Taylor in […]

The Boondocks are coming back, with HBO Max ordering 2 seasons of the revived animated series from original creator Aaron McGruder. Each season will consist of 24 episodes, with the first new season dropping in fall 2020 with a 50-minute special. All 55 episodes of the original.  

The perpetually 10-year-old Ash has entered into seven Pokemon League tournaments since the start of his Pokemon journey 21 years ago. As of winning the 1st Alola League Championship along with previous titles like Orange League Champ & Battle Frontier Conqueror my boy Ash Ketchum now joins Lebron James as a 3 time Champion, took […]

This morning in Dayton, Ohio authorities say nine people were killed  and at least 26 more injured. Ohio is absolutely heartbroken over the horrible attack that occurred this morning in Dayton. We join those across Ohio and this country in offering our prayers to victims and their families. The police spoke with club workers from a […]

An armored truck’s side door flew open while traveling on I-285 outside of Atlanta and covered the road the road in cash. Would you have pulled over? Police say approximately $100,000 spilled onto I-285 on Tuesday night and have asked for people who picked up the flying funds to return the money. So far two […]

Cardi B once again didn’t disappoint. The cardi experience is the elite experience. The rapper had fans raving about her headlining set, which was complete with a special guest, an impromptu wig snatch and plenty of twerking. She even took a moment and SNATCHED her wig off and threw it into the crowd.   I […]

The iOS update is likely to come in September, but those willing to risk downloading the beta version are already taking advantage of the new display feature. The best thing for an iPhone finally came 👀🤤 pic.twitter.com/GifJ1y01zi — Hussain Patel (@hussain_1p) June 26, 2019  

Kim Kardashian West’s new shapewear line is called “Kimono,” a supposed play on her name, but some people are pointing out the name appropriates Japanese culture and the kimono’s rich history Naming your product/startup with Japanese words might seem hip and all, but it really sucks for the Japanese when there culture is being jacked […]