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Would it shock you that Ice Cube had the opportunity to play 2pac’s role of Lucky in the movie Poetic Justice? Well in a recent interview he revealed that one particular scene in the script just didn’t sit right with him, and when the crew didn’t want to change it, Ice Cube apparently chucked the […]

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Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji shared that she is a 39 year old virgin! Yeah celibacy is a real thing cousins and for some people — that’s an easy decision to make! For others, needing to know what the other person is working with is a MUST! The argument against celibacy is commonly noted in […]

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If you ask some people today about Pac — they’ll probably say he’s their favorite rapper! They might even tell you exactly where they were when they found out he was killed in 1996! Or they might say “he ain’t dead” and then proceed to tell you where they think he is! There’s so many […]

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Ok so the allegations are out there if you haven’t heard! Lizzo is being accused of some wild things — this from some of her ex dancers! Accusations that include sexual harassment and weight shaming to name a few. Yup there’s a lawsuit out and everything but that ain’t all that has surfaced! One of […]

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Hey ya! So let’s throw it back to last October when Nick was talking about he needed to chill out and be celibate for a while. You remember that? You might recall how he had 4 kids in 2021 alone! His celibacy journey didn’t last long in fact Nick admitted that ended after the very […]

Megan Thee Stallion recently sat down with Gayle King in her first television interview about the fateful 2020 night where she was allegedly shot in the foot by Toronto rapper Tory Lanez. Lanez was arrested for a felony gun charge and has since pleaded not guilty. You can watch the entire first part of the […]


Kali rocked the Z stage at White Out 2021, behind the scenes she caught up with us for an exclusive interview!

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Lawd child. . .We MAY be getting some new music from our girl Ri. . .maybe some day soon??? Fingers crossed! She recently talked about new music we’ve all been anticipating since like for eva eva. . .mentioning that she has been experimenting and switching things up. IDK if that means we might be getting […]


Shyne expressed his determination to change the mentality of Belize's older government officials and lead his country toward a brighter future.

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Regardless of whatever music category you put Lauryn Hill in. . .the one common denominator is. . .The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was that album! Unfortunately though. . .it was the only album we were blessed to receive out of her music career. I’m still disappointed at that to this day! So why Lauryn? Why after […]

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2002. . .that was the year Cam’ron. . .Wood Harris and Mekhi Phifer delivered us the classic. . .Paid In Full which earned $3 million at the box office! So how will they carry out the story past the rise and fall of Rich Porter? [In case you didn’t know. . .Paid in full was based […]

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Um…Alexa can you please play “No More” by 3LW? Lol Cause Reginae is not playin with ya! In a recent interview. . .her relationship [and break up] with YFN Lucci came up . . .and Miss Carter let it be known: “I’m not bringing no dudes on the show. . .I’m not making nobody famous. […]