Dont come for the Brownies….you may have to deal with more than one! Via | HNHH Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd has created a twitter feud with Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. – and his show, “The Herd,” is surely seeing a jump in the ratings as a result. It all started on Thursday […]


Custody battles are never fun and this comes at a tough time for Floyd considering the latest news . . . I heard that his current girlfriend was pregnant with his child but sadly miscarried. You can get more on that unfortunate news [HERE]. Via The Blast: Floyd Mayweather has been ordered to return his son […]

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Trey Songz is getting ready to introduce a new artist to the music industry – JR. The St. Louis native is now signed to Trey, most…


WOW! This is a tough story to write! She killed me, so I killed her. That was the chilling confession a Texas man gave to cops after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend for telling him she was HIV-positive. 36 year old Larry Dunn, Jr., told cops he snapped during a visit to the Dallas apartment of […]


After Monday morning's unfortunate shootings at Chardon Highschool, 3 are wounded and now 2 are dead. Details inside


(AllHipHop News) Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be undefeated in the ring, but he suffered a loss to Just for You Entertainment yesterday (June 16th) in court.