Hahahahahahaha! Sooooo I heard she might even be Ramon Sessions’ jump-off O_0 If she needed to holla at him all like that…did she really have to hop her simple behind on the court like that!? lol smh – RoDigga Here is a video of a 20-year-old woman named Savannah McMillan who wandered onto the basketball […]

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Eat your heart out Kenyon Martin! Trina has reeled in another baller! Hip-hop’s “diamond princess” has reportedly found love with Oklahoma Thunder star, James Harden. She sure does like those hoop stars, doesn’t she? The two have been professing their love for each other over Twitter, and when asked by a fan which female celebrity he […]

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Looks like Trina and Kenyon Martin have gotten back together. The two were spotted leaving the female rapper’s trailer on the set of her new music video. Now he could just be featured in the video but word has been buzzing around that the two are back together. I mean if he isn’t in the […]

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The two were spotted leaving her trailer during a shoot for her new music video where she’s wearing a barely there baseball uniform. Check out the photos and see if you believe the hype: Source

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Trina partied on with her boo Kenyon Martin for the release party for her new album Amazin’ at Miami’s Club Mi-Vi.

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By now you all have heard about Trina’s leaked nude pics…well today I’m hearing that the rapper may have leaked them herself.


Aiiight yall I’ve been telling you I was going to start video blogging about all the celeb gossip and drama so here ya go…me on my BS…get it Bijou Star;) (shouts to Colby Colb for that one) I also had to talk about how we can help with the Hatian Earthquake Relief efforts..check out the […]