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Chris is back to doing what he does best, performing.

There’s more to Ke$ha than meets the eye, according to the glitter-loving pop star herself. The “Die Young” singer and songwriter covers the October/November issue of VIBE, where she opens up about her perceived party girl image and her new album, Warrior (available November 30). “The first record was a celebration of partying and being young, but this record’s a […]

The world knows about smokin’ on that Kesha thanks to Ca$h Out‘s hit song “Cashin’ Out,” and this line is the center of Rock-T’s Joke…


Obviously these pop girls have the right idea by making these monstrous collaborations and remixes together. Last week, Rihanna broke Billboard records after S&M soared straight to the top of the charts after she added Britney Spears to the remix. The collab helped her snag her 10th #1 record on the charts. Read more: New […]