Today’s gossip (that I pray to the highest of heaven is a lie) tells of Kanye West and his plans to propose to Kim Kardashian once her divorce is finalized. What’s worse is the claim that he plans on pulling a ring from his late mother’s collection and having it designed into some one-of-a-kind shit […]

Well look who found her dancing Jordans and decided to give us a show. Curry Goat dropped a behind-the-scenes look at the rehearsals for her upcoming “Where Have You Been” video, which she says is “all performance.” “I was never gonna shoot this video if I couldn’t do choreography,” Rihanna admits. “It was pretty pointless. […]


I have finally decided to discuss my thoughts on folks who take stanning overboard. This is not an attack on all stans, just the ones who take celebrities and opinions way too seriously. If you get upset, I’m probably talking about you. Enjoy! via. Kid Fury


Jay-Z’s new girl, Rita Ora, has finally premiered the video for her US single, “How We Do (Party)”, on VEVO. Of course, it’s simply a party video. It actually looks like she shot this in Ke$ha’s basement, but I understand. I actually really like Rita. If she keeps up the fun and drops the whole […]

Somebody hold Mystikal’s YMCMB sweatshirt for three months. The Louisiana rapper, who was released from prison in 2010 after serving six years, will be returning to jail on May 14th for violation of his probation.   On Monday, state District Judge Tony Marabella added the extra time as a condition of the 41-year-old Tyler’s five-year […]


I usually find glitter and sustenance in my fairy godsister, Miguel’s music and videos, but this was piss. This is basically two whole minutes of iPhone 3GS footage where he drinks 40s and watches girls rub on each other. Time that could have been dedicated to answering his Grindr messages. Girl. via. Kid Fury

Kim Kardashian’s husband (because she and Goliath are still married) doesn’t see it for Kanye’s little love affair, but his shade is directed towards Kim. In fact, he’s reportedly wishing Kanye good luck, because he’s “going to need it.” According to RadarOnline, friends of Kris say that he suspects Kim may have been fooling around […]

Nicki Minaj sat down in her best government hooker garb for an interview on ABC’s Nightline last night. Of the many topics, including Nicki’s abusive father and her body, host Juju Chang brought up the many comparisons between Minaj and Lady Gaga. Nicki doesn’t see it. Chang: Does that kind of comparison offend you? Nicki: […]