I hope this isnt true, especially after Nip was supposed to sit down with the force to ultimately make their jobs easier. Via | TMZ The Game accused LAPD officers of insulting Nipsey Hussle‘s family while chatting on their radios and manning Thursday’s funeral at Staples Center … but LAPD says it’s not them. The rapper […]

When I first heard this I was like damn here we go again. . .but it turns out they just wanted to make sure he was ok?? Via TMZ: Chris Brown got a knock on the door from cops because someone’s worried he’s losing his mind … after he challenged Offset to show up at his home … and […]

You know, it wasn’t too long ago that musician Wyclef Jean was all over social media singing the praises of the #AllLivesMatter movement and let’s just say he may feel a bit differently after his unfortunate encounter with the LAPD. Mistaken as a suspect in a robbery, Wyclef Jean was handcuffed by the LAPD and […]

  (CNN)Police are examining what’s been described as a knife said to have been found at the Los Angeles-area estate once owned by former football star O.J. Simpson, Los Angeles police Capt. Andy Neiman said Friday. Police learned within the last month that a former Los Angeles police officer received the item from a construction […]

The untimely deaths of Biggie and Tupac will haunt the hip-hop world for many years to come, so of course when Faith Evans sat down with Huff Post Live, the subject came up yet again.

This is so scary and so heartbreaking. Earlier this afternoon, LAPD officers responded to a call about an altercation in downtown L.A. One of the…

Former NFL player James Hardy III is dealing with a world of drama today. The 2008 second round draft pick attacked three police officers when…

With as many run-ins as they’ve had with the law, it’s not hard to believe rappers T.I. and The Game have no love for the…

  Whoa! Kanye West got in to it with a photographer outside of LAX airport today and the results were not pretty! The photog was…


As the chard remains in the cabin [said to be Christopher  Dorner’s] are being identified, people are asking a lot of questions! Stay tuned in to find the latest as it unfolds and check out the leaked video from the final moments of this crazy situation: Video | BlackMediaScoop Be sure to tune into the […]


If this ain’t the craziest situation – is it officially over? Details | Hiphopwired In what at times seemed like a scene from a Jason Bourne movie or a Grand Theft Auto video game, the stand off between Christopher Dorner and LAPD in Big Bear, Calif. has to come to an end. The cabin Dorner […]

[Courtesy of TMZ] Cops raced to Chris Brown‘s Hollywood Hills home Monday afternoon … after someone called 911 and reported a domestic incident involving a gun, but we’re told it was all a prank. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the caller claimed a mother and father were in a fight and the father went […]