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Whew chile! Did ya hear what Moneybagg Yo said about him and Megan??? “Was never my b*tch…Rap game fulla smoke & mirrors…It was all publicity…don’t believe da hype. Been wit da same b*tch 10 years + Through da ups & downs b4 the come up. World might not know but the city (Memphis) do! Real […]


Hmmmm. A lot of people are speculating this could be a guilty conscience coming thru? This after Wade’s played his part in that documentary [which I refuse to watch by the way]. What ya think? I gotta plead the 5th on this one because ya KNOW how I feel about Mike and I can’t even […]


Smells like someone is trying to get over!? Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

  A photo has surfaced on the internet of what people thought was our very own Tristan Thompson with a HUGE Khloe tattoo on his back! If you thought this was Tristan — you can breath easy now knowing that you were wrong! Here’s proof! Whooo that was close! LOL Catch The Day Party […]

Let’s face it. Men and women lie. So we asked our listeners about the last lie they told. Listen to the audio player to hear…

  We had a lot of listeners call in last week about the lies women tell, and this time we’re going in on the men!…

Did your co-worker just tell you they had an exciting getaway over the weekend? Yeah, they’re probably lying. Listen to the audio player to hear…

Men lie. Women lie. But today Claudia Jordan is filling us in on the untruths told by these trifling men out here. Listen to the…


What the hell!? Woman Lies About Being Set On Fire By Neo-Nazis Police have announced that they believe Sharmeka Moffitt fabricated a story about being attacked and burned Sunday night at Civitan Park in Winnsboro by three men who wrote “KKK” on the hood of her car. Via News Star reports: Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin […]

Today’s gossip (that I pray to the highest of heaven is a lie) tells of Kanye West and his plans to propose to Kim Kardashian once her divorce is finalized. What’s worse is the claim that he plans on pulling a ring from his late mother’s collection and having it designed into some one-of-a-kind shit […]


Brandy plays true confessions on next week’s episode of VH1 “Behind The Music.”  Brandy chats about her rise from R&B princess to Hollywood star, and…

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You’re Not Fat You’re a Great Cook I Didn’t Get Your Text  I Have to Work Late I’ll Call You It’s Not You, It’s me I Don’t Watch Adult Videos I Wasn’t Looking at Her… I Love You (Too)  You’re the Best Sex I’ve Ever Had Get the full details here: SOURCE