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  Beyonce and Jay-Z kept up with their traditional Halloween slay and attended Kelly Rowland’s celeb filled Costume party as Lil Kim and Biggies Smalls. Check out their look below. Did they nail it or naw?

It looks like Lil Kim did a little more than party this weekend at the BET Awards. Lil Kim is in the crosshairs of the LAPD after her crew allegedly robbed a woman over a BET party house … Law enforcement sources tell us, Kim rented a house for a BET weekend party but apparently […]

At this point, Lil Kim gets more attention for her appearance than her music.

The rapper addresses questions of identity issues stemming from a video posted on social media.

- Entertainment News

So recently Lil Kim sang us this jingle: Sooooo does this explain the constant changing of her look? Lil Kim why baby? Of course people had their fun with this. Just read the comments on Baller Alerts post: Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!