LisaRaye and her “Single Ladies” co-star Charity Shea made gossip blog headlines for what perceived as shade being thrown at LisaRaye by Charity. In this…

  “Make the money, don’t let it make you,” was a now classic line from the 1998 stripper film, “Players Club” directed by Ice Cube…


After the “Single Ladies” fiasco, who would’ve thought they’d see LisaRaye and Stacey Dash on the screen together? Welp, they’re both starring in a stripper flick called “Monica.”

A lot of you out there aren’t too keen on VH1′s latest reality TV show, “Hollywood Exes” because of the idea of these women using someone else’s fame (their ex-husbands’) to gain their own, but LisaRaye has a problem with it for a totally different reason. Her reasoning isn’t really new though because while all of the ladies, and even […]

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VH1 has been blamed for the declining image of black people and women since it began the Flavor of Love series. Now one of their…

Z-LIST: Year In Review

One of the most oft-used phrases in the comment section of TheUrbandaily is “Why is this news?” While we do our best to provide a balanced look at the world of Black entertainment, but it’s hard to swim against the current of demand. We can do serious interviews with Pete Rock detailing his experience with […]

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Media rumors have been swirling with the news that actress LisaRaye (“Single Ladies”) is marrying Bishop Noel Jones, pastor of megachurch City of Refuge. The romantic rumor was started by Media Take Out, which reported that Raye and Jones have been quietly dating for a while before Jones allegedly popped the question. Raye has occasionally been spotted at […]


“Single Ladies” cast member LisaRaye, wants you to know that she is not responsible for getting castmate Stacey Dash fired. LisaRaye interrupted her vacay to discuss the rumor that Dash was fired because of their alleged beef: LisaRaye posted this message to her Facebook wall: As everyone know I am in Italy vacationing. I was […]

You know how the saying goes, “Black don’t crack,” well although I’m black I can’t even front, I know sometimes this is a bald head lie, plain and simple. There are many African American’s that just don’t age well. Period. BUT, as a whole I have to say my beautiful people of color age pretty […]


It’s no secret that I haven’t been a fan of VH1’s new show “Single Ladies,” but as I’ve been writing my recaps over the course of the season, I have to eat my words a teeny weeny little bit. This show is proving itself to have potential. Not only do I go absolute apesh*t for […]

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While many of my past “Single Ladies” recaps often poke fun at the pseudo acting and somewhat cheesy story line of the show, while watching this week’s episode, I actually was sucked in. I found myself glued to the tube engulfed in the drama of the lives of Val, Keisha and April. Once I finally […]


This week’s episode of VH1’s “Single Ladies” was full of C-average acting skills, pointless sex and all around predictability and unfortunately while I am all in favor of Black TV sitcoms, I will always shun bad TV. And when it comes to VH1’s “Single Ladies” there isn’t any other way around the fact that it […]