Things just continue to get worse for Mr. Hunter, while this is all alleged it still has to at the very worst be annoying timing. Via | Bossip If Wendy Williams‘ husband Kevin Hunter thought his life was going to s#!t before, he’s officially six feet deep in fornication feces now. An “unWineWithTashaK” interview with […]


Pass this on! Via Men’s Health: Understanding why anyone kills himself is always complex, but even mental-health experts were puzzled when the CDC released its suicide data in June: Eighty-four percent of men who die by suicide have no known mental-health conditions. “People in general—and men in particular—try to hide having a mental-health problem,” says David A. Jobes, […]


Here’s more proof that the times, they are a changin’. In Connecticut, 17-year-old Nasir Fleming was named and crowned prom queen at Danbury High School and says he’s making a point about gender labeling and discrimination. Originally, Fleming was nominated as prom king and prom queen but decided to be considered only for queen. Here’s the story from […]

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During a segment of Sherri Shepherd’s reality show, “Wedding Fabulous: Sherri Shepherd Gets Married,” Shepherd’s bridesmaids threw her a bachelorette party with a male stripper dressed as a uniformed police officer. Before the stripper got into the routine of his show, he told Sherri to her surprise, “Baby, I’m gonna pick you up.” Check out […]

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Since the 1960s, women have been afforded the convenience of taking oral contraceptives,but soon it may be men who take the pills. Researchers are getting closer and closer to a viable product — but will it catch on? Many men are hesitant to use current contraceptive methods so this new form may be too foreign […]


We’ve seen a lot of male artists bring up female fans from the audience on stage for some “special attention”, even Janet’s given a lucky male fan a lap dance during a concert. Nicki Minaj is the next to be added to that list.

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I’ve already seen For Colored Girls. But I’m thinking, “here we go again.” The last thing I wanted (or needed) to see was another film that painted the black man as society’s stammering uber-demon, who comes to steal, kill and destroy; or another project that portrays black men as this nation’s perpetual delinquents — jobless, thoughtless […]


Source: Fourth Accuser in the Eddie Long Scandal comes forward with an Interview. He speaks reveals that he had sex with Bishop in the church and was coerced into sex like the other victims. He feels the need to come forward with his truth after he saw the other victims on television. RELATED: Bishop […]

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Source: Bishop Eddie Long spoke to his congregation again on Tuesday night, telling New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia that the sexual abuse accusations he is facing is “spiritual warfare.” While not acknowledging his accusers by name, Long gave a fiery sermon that had New Birth worshippers on their fight. Watch WSB-TV’s coverage […]

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Bossip is reporting Bishop Eddie Long will step down from the pulpit following services this upcoming Sunday.

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Bishop Eddie L. Long maintained a consistent presence on Twitter and Facebook before sexual coercion charges were brought up against him on Tuesday, September 21st. But he’s been understandably absent from the social networks since then. On Thursday (September 24th), Bishop Long sent a message to his Facebook friends and Twitter followers that simply reads: […]

In a statement read on a syndicated radio show Thursday, Atlanta-based megachurch pastor Eddie Long denied he had coerced young church members into sex, as alleged in three lawsuits filed against him.