Throwing a successful dinner party requires a crowd-pleasing menu, a guest list of personalities that can mesh well for the duration of several courses, attractive presentation, and a cool playlist. If you’ve ever thrown one before, you may have even turned to lifestyle expert/human Pinterest board Martha Stewart for some inspiration. And now the TV […]


The Roast of Justin Bieber had Kevin Hart hosting with Snoop Dogg, Hannibal Burress, Pete Davidson and Jeff Ross (who, as almost every guest notes, has nothing…

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Driving to her local Apple store and waiting in line to see a service rep was NOT what Martha Stewart had in mind when she broke her iPad. Instead, the author of The Martha Rules expected Apple to come to her home and pick it up! “I just dropped my iPad on the ground and shattered two glass corners. What to do? does one […]


Snoop helps Martha Stewart make brownies on her show.