It’s often said that our thoughts can frame our outlook on the world. But how do we manage thoughts that can sometimes lead us to a dark place? We all know that it’s normal to sometimes experience doubt, anxiety and other complex emotions, but today we’d like to discuss healthy ways to deal with our […]

Who checks on the strong friends? We all know that person who’s always “Good.” …But are they really though? Today we speak with Angela Banks, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Clinical Supervisor, about how to carefully and thoughtfully look after the ones who look after everyone else. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your […]

First things first: Abuse is NEVER okay. But for some people struggling with a toxic relationship, abuse can take on a form they may have never seen coming. Today Matty speaks with Ebony Jae (IG @ebony_jae), an LISW in Ohio and Georgia and Founder/Managing Director of Enduring the Course Inc. about this very important topic […]

Mental Mondays with Matty Willz

Today Matty speaks with Angela Flowers, a Licensed Independent Social Worker and Mental Health Therapist on what parents can do to ensure their teens make a healthy transition into adulthood.

Mental Mondays with Matty Willz

In Part 1 one of today’s talk, Matty sits down with Dr. Gwenna Blanden, an author and clinical psychologist who’s got some interesting things to say about how things like social media and the the return to real-world school settings can play an important role in our children’s mental health and development. She also offers […]


Self-Care has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years, but that doesn't mean taking a little time to focus on yourself is any less important. Today, Matty speaks with Re'Sean Johnson, a mental health professional who has a few helpful tips about self-care, common misconceptions about the topic and resources for those in search of someone to talk to.