Megan Good

Over this past weekend, multiple celebrities had their nude photos hacked and leaked on the internet. One of those celebs was actress Megan Good. The…

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Congrats to Megan Good and Sony Pictures Entertainment executive DeVon Franklin, they’re getting married!! just got some EXTRAORDINARY news. According to one of our TOP celebrity snitches, actress Meagan Good and VINNY from the Jersey Shore are dating. Its not clear HOW serious the two are – but they ARE DATING!!! (That is FACT not RUMOR )Our snitch, who is a celebrity, claims that the couple came HOLDING […]

Fans everywhere of VH1’s hit series ‘Single Ladies’ gasped for air and clutched their hearts when Stacy Dash confirmed she would not be returning for a second season. Inquiring minds want to know who could possible replace Stacy’s fashionable character Valerie Stokes (Val) and actually get thumbs up from viewers. Well, the rumor mill is in full effect and […]

Heart & Soul magazine snagged Meagan Good for the the cover of their June/July Issue, which is on news stands now. The young beauty talks about the sound of her girl group “H.E.L.L.O Girls,” being more than ready for a serious relationship and her past cancer scare. Check out an excerpt from the article below: Read […]