Method Man

It’s the return of THE WU!! “THE WU-MASSACRE” TRAILER PT 1. “THE WU-MASSACRE” TRAILER PT.2 “THE WU-MASSACRE” PT. 3   Check out thier new song “Our Dreams” right here:

Rik Cordero directs the video for Our Dreams, which will be a follow-up to the three part Wu-Massacre trailer he did for Def Jam a few months ago. Meth, Ghost and Rae all speak on the concept of the video.

Apparently, Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon have given up on their original album title, as well as naming their super-group, but who cares when they have an album cover as dope as this!

For some, Valentines Day is a reminder of failed relationships and can bring out the Scrooge in a person.  If you’re that person, take a listen to these songs and know that you’re not alone!

The highly anticipated group album from Wu-Tang members Ghostface, Raekwon, and Method Man has a title!

Method Man recalls a close call with the cops that could’ve ended up much worse than it did.