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REFORM Alliance gets win in Michigan with new laws passed aimed to renovate the states probation & parole system!

Now this is stunting to get your point across….. Via | HNHH In a piece of news that has impacted most major networks today, Elijah Daniel has bought the town of Hell, Michigan and decided to rename it Gay Hell. The town has been on sale for years and as the new mayor of Hell, […]


We finally got us a head coach! And he comes fresh from spending 12 years with the Michigan Wolverines! Via Channel 19: The Cleveland Cavaliers hired John Beilein as head coach, according to the front office. The 66-year-old coach just wrapped up his 12th season with the Michigan Wolverines. He released a statement via Twitter […]

Aight ya! I need you to keep it all the way 100 on this one. . .even tho I pretty much know what the outcome will be LOL! So this man in Michigan made the mistake of leaving $30,000 in a box in the back of his truck that of course. . .fell out the […]


Via Cnn: A retired firefighter who fired a gun at a black teenager asking for directions in suburban Detroit was sentenced Tuesday to four to 10 years in prison, according to court records. Jeffrey Craig Zeigler, 53, apologized in court and had “full remorse and regret” over shooting at 14-year-old Brennan Walker, according to CNN affiliate WDIV. […]

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In a video that has gone viral, Judge Qiana Lillard let the defendant's family know that disrupting her court was not in their best interest.


Cities throughout the state such as Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Saginaw, Muskegon and Holland have seen higher cases of lead in children as far back as 2013.

Via | HipHopDX The Game asks celebrities to put their talk into action. The Game partnered with Avita Water to donate $1 million in water to Flint, Michigan through his Robin Hood Project today (January 26). In an Instagram post, The Game describes the personal decision to support the community, whose water has been poisoned with lead. “So, I’m […]

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https://www.instagram.com/p/BAsPTfaikH4/?taken-by=meekmill Via Billboard: In between beefing with 50 Cent on Instagram and spewing disses on his latest EP 4/4, Meek Mill is making time for good deeds. The Philadelphia rapper said he would be sending $50,000 to Flint, Michigan — currently in a state of crisis after its water system was contaminated with lead — and challenged 50 Cent to match […]

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Big things coming from Big Sean for the young residents of Flint! Via Billboard: Big Sean has launched a campaign to help the children of Flint, Mich., in response to the city’s water crisis that has lead-contamination threatening the community’s health. Beyond immediate physical health problems, developmental issues have been linked to lead poisoning in children, so Sean […]

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Via Huffington Post: A part-time student’s modest project offering assistance to Flint residents over the water crisis has far exceeded her expectations, helping her raise thousands of dollars more than her goal. Carrie Davis, 29, set up a GoFundMe page about a month ago, where her friends could send her money to buy water for Flint residents […]