Mike Tyson

Spike Lee is supposed to direct “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth??” Ok, Mike. We’ve all seen his natural talent of acting in ‘Hangover’ movies but i’m confused with the one man play. An entire play with just Mike Tyson? How many acts are involved in this play again…?

It’s indisputable that Mike Tyson has always been a polarizing character. The heavyweight champion has gone from a wild hoodlum from Brooklyn (or “the Devil’s bedroom,” as he calls it) to a controversy-addled, multimillionaire boxer to an actor to a peace-and-pigeon-loving TV personality. But his latest revelation is nothing short of shocking. “I didn’t talk about getting […]

According to TMZ: Some dumbass broke into Mike Tyson‘s Vegas hotel room this weekend while the ex-boxing champ was sleeping … but lucky for the intruder, dude escaped before Tyson could break his face in. Sources tell TMZ, Mike was staying at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Saturday night — where he and his fam […]

Mike Tyson is in legal troubles with his ex-girlfriend, Sol Xochitl over their 9-year-old son Miguel. According to sources, he filed for joint physical custody of his son and asked the court to lower his child support payment. Mike had to pay an amount of $3,000 a month as child support payment. But he asked […]

This is too funny! Gotta love Mike! Herman Cain Sings ‘Imagine There’s No Pizza’ from Mike Tyson Most Popular Articles Meek Mill Gets Tattoo On Chest…But It’s Spelled Wrong #FAIL VIDEO: Mistress Attacks Pastor During Sermon! – Rumored NICKI MINAJ And DRAKE SEXTAPE!! (Warning EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT) Drake Goes Off on Social Media After #TakeCareComesWith […]

While promoting her autobiography; “Starting Over” at CBS’ “The Talk”, Latoya Jackson opened up about her past absuive relationship with her ex husband Jack Gordon. Latoya said that he offered sexual services from her to Mike Tyson for $100,000!

Don King is known throughout the world for many accomplishments, from organizing the “The Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manilla,” to promoting the careers of legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. But according to King, it is he, who is the original “God father of Hip-Hop,” due to […]

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson is a father for the eighth time! Mike Tyson and his wife, Lakiha Spicer welcomed their second child together on Tuesday in Las Vegas. They have a two-year daughter, Milan.

Dude, I honestly can’t wait to see this!!! LOL _______________________________________________ First Mike Tyson and now … Bill Clinton? Sure enough, that will be the former president sharing screen-time with the fun-loving guys in The Hangover 2, now filming in Thailand, a Clinton source confirms to PEOPLE. Clinton, who’ll play himself in the comedy, shot his […]

50 Tyson has released his first video ,”I Ain’t Gonna Lie.”

Here is the former undisputed heavyweight champion on the HBO hit series Entourage. All I can say is I’ll give him some props for trying….it beats watching him and his pigeons!