Yup — Faith EVANS is releasing a duet album with The Notorious B.I.G. 20 years after his murder NOT Faith HILL, CNN! It’s cool — Playa’s f’up! Catch The Weekdays beginning at 3pm! 


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Kathy Scruggs from Savannah Georgia, asked for a Mega Millions ticket, and the clerk handed her one for Powerball. Instead of getting upset and going off on the clerk, she decided to keep it anyway. Turns out it was the winning $25 million ticket, and now the unemployed 44-year-old can stop her job search. “I’ve […]

Miguel also believes the average person is more daring with sexting rather than actually verbally expressing their feelings. “People are way more bold texting and Facebook-ing things than they are saying it. You might say something that’s a little more forward than if you were in person. I’m always on Twitter and BBM; it’s definitely, […]