Ok so in case you are wondering — that there is a photo of Monica Lewinsky! Remember her? How could you forget! Well anyway. . .she is wanting to personally apologize to Hillary Clinton. . .this YEARS after the scandal with Bill. She wants to express how very sorry she is for what happened. You […]

She had no clue it would cause such a stir. If you thought all the “Becky with the good hair” drama died down, think again. Beyoncé‘s visual album Lemonade debuted by way of an HBO special on April 23rd, at which point her single “Sorry” immediately blew up. The public’s instant obsession was partly due […]

After Donald Sterling‘s wife won her lawsuit against V. Stiviano, we’re wondering if it really should be a wife’s right to sue her husband’s side chick,…

This just keeps getting worse and worse.   They say no good deed goes unpunished but for goodness sake how much is Khloe Kardashian going…

Jennifer Richardson, the woman who supposedly had an affair and recieved gifts from Lama Odom spoke out in an interview recently saying, “Lamar and I were not just a one night stand. This isn’t something that just happened, we met it happened and and then it was over. No. This is months of time. This […]

Shaq isn’t seeing any light in the pending lawsuit between him and his former mistress Vanessa Lopez. According to RadarOnline.com, the ex-lover just added something else to the load, asking for punitive damages. The suit, which was filed in 2010, accuses the former NBA star of racketeering, invasion of privacy, and intentional inflection of emotional distress after […]

A fight broke out at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis last Sunday during the Communion services! Members watched as two women threw down right in the middle of service and the police had to be call. The police have now launched an investigation into the scuffle. Even though news reports claim it was […]

WTF! This is so crazy! Check out this video of the Pastor’s sidejawwwwn going crazy! Amy Winehouse Ft. Nas “Like Smoke” [NEW MUSIC] CHRIS BROWN TAKES IT DOWN IN CLEVELAND [FAME TOUR VIDEO] Bow Wow, T-Pain & Tyga At Chris Brown FAME Tour [PHOTOS & VIDEO] Kanye West Performs ‘Runaway’ On Tour, Gets Choked Up […]

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Raz B’s touching on lil boys??? Someone gave you HERPES??!!?? And that baby don’t look like me!! http://media.kyte.tv/js/kyte.jsKyte.Embed.path=”http://media.kyte.tv”;Kyte.Embed.altpath=”http://www.kyte.tv”;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:416,height:375,p:”1766″,s:1343330,tbid:”842″});

Mildred Patricia Baena, known as “Patty,” made $1200/week as the Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper, and worked there for 20 years. She and Arnold would often have unprotected sex when no one else was home, and they produced a 14-year-old son, whom Patty gave birth to just 5 days before Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria gave birth to their son. […]

And get this … the two kids were born less than a WEEK APART — Maria’s son Christopher was born on September 27, 1997 … and Mildred’s love child was born on October 2, 1997. Via our homies at TMZ